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The health of the capital's office workers is improving year on year

With employers expecting more bang for their buck London Daily looks at ways to improve the work place

In a 2015 survey by Management Today magazine, virtually all (97 per cent) of those responding said that they regarded their
place of work as a symbol of whether or not they were valued by their employer

Over the last 20 years there has been an increase in the amount of facilities offered to employees, especially within the office environment.

Not only are breaks freely given and time off for lunch now the norm, paternity and maternity leave is also fully accepted. Healthier and happy employees work harder.

But as an employer looking after your employee's happiness, you ensure that each employee gives you the maximum amount of work for the hours you pay him or her. Now that makes business sense.

Tips for improving output

  • Freely available water from bottled dispensers regularly placed around the office building

  • flexibility for responsible trust members of staff to work from home

  • flexible starting and finishing times
    delegated HR manager for companies of all sizes where an employee with a problem or an issue can freely and confidentially approached.

  • Free parking and secure storage for bicycles

  • Fun evenings out planned on a monthly not just for Christmas basis

All of the above help to let your workers, your employees feel more valued, more part of, and generally healthier and more likely to do more work within the there are a lot of time




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