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There's lots of small things you should know before coming to England and we try to tell you most of them. If you have any specific question, Website Marketing..

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Moving Around
.... Do you want to rent a car? We think you shouldn't. London (GB) traffic is heavy, traffic rules are quite different, and we drive on the left side of the road. The best way to move around London (GB) is by the Tube (is how we call the "underground") and the double deck buses. The Tube is fast, affordable and can take you anywhere in London (GB). You can buy a one-day unlimited travel Travelcard for Zones 1 and 2 for £3.50. It will save you a lot of money.

.... The big and comfortable London (GB) taxicabs are great for moving around, but expensive. Fares start at £1.40 and increase by 20p per 55.5 seconds until it exceeds £8.60. After that it's the same 20p but per 37 seconds. Add a 10% to 15% tip per ride. One option is the Mini Cab, with prices like £18 from Heathrow Airport to the city centre.

.... If you really must drive in London (GB), keep in mind the speed limit is 30mph in most of the streets. Pedestrians have right-of-way on zebra crossings, It is illegal to park within any area marked with a zigzag line or to pass another vehicle on a zebra crossing. The use of horns is prohibited between 11:30pm and 7am. On places marked with a red line you can't even stop to let a passenger out. It's best to consider you can park only at a meter, a garage or a place with no markings.

.... Greater London (GB) is divided 33 boroughs, each one with its own flair and culture. Be sure to visit as many as you can. You can find your way around using the postal area codes. The first letter is always the direction (W=west, SE=southeast, etc).

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