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There's lots of small things you should know before coming to England and we try to tell you most of them. If you have any specific question, Website Marketing..

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.... Are you sure you speak english? You probably speak "american", not quite the same as British English. There's a lot of words meaning something else here. Like a solicitor (here is a lawyer), a lorry (truck) or a bonnet (car hood). There's nothing wrong about being involved in an intercourse (a friendly dialogue) here...

.... Avoid talking about politics, religion and Royal gossips. The safest subjects in England are animals and flowers. Most honorary titles such as Sir, Dame and Lord are used even among familiar acquaintances.

Meeting people
.... Never (I mean that) smoke before dinning, only after. Backslapping is a cardinal sin. The handshake is the standard greeting, but is executed without the American-style arm pumping. Always have a business card on hand when meeting someone. Appointments are essential and punctuality is a must (you may be 5 minutes late, but never early).

.... By the way: we're not "english", but British. The entire island is Great Britain, formed by England, Wales and Scotland. When you add Northern Ireland it becomes the United Kingdom. "Scotch" is the whiskey, "Scot" is someone from Scotland.

.... Avoid striped ties, in case they are copies of British regimentals. You don't wear a school tie if you didn't attend the school.

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