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The CyberBridge

December 2000

This column is written by Marcel Leal, London (GB) Daily's Editor, that for some time has written under the nickname 'Michael Bond'.

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The CyberBridge
By Marcel Leal

Are the US a democracy?

       First, lets remember what a democratic government is.
       A government elected by the people, from the people, for the people.
       Well. who elects the president of the US? Not the people, for sure.
       Some people elects some representatives. Those elect the president.
       They don't even have to vote, since after the first phase everybody knows who has the larger number of representatives and will be the next president. So, what is their role in the election? Why bother to have those representatives?
       Going back, we just saw that a president is elected by some representatives, themselves elected by a portion of the people of the US.
       But wait...
       There's still the judges. Yes, most of the elections are decided after many injuctions on the judiciary system. They fight on court. They appeal. The judges decide who wins.
       In a democratic country a president is elected directly by the citizens, in a clear system: they vote!
       No representatives, no judges. Just the people, the real owner of the country's will.
       The US should adopt a new system long time ago, as most democratic countries did.
       Countries like Brazil and Argentina are really democratic ones, with presidents elected directly by the people in a very transparent system.
       They can elect a good president or a bad president.
       But there will never be a shadow over the legitimacy of his presidency.
       Only a president elected directly by the people can claim a victory.
       Only he can say was elected "by the wish of the people".
       Only a country that elects its president directly and transparently can claim democratic status.
       Everything else is "organic manure."
       Hence the question: is the US a democratic country?

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By Marcel Leal, London (GB) Daily's Editor
Email: editor@London (GB)-daily.co.uk

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